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Background Images

Background Images on your website

A background image on a website is exactly that  - the image / pattern / colour of the screen outside your actual website (that is as long as your website is not designed to fill the full screen ) With such a big range of computer monitors viewing websites most websites are either fixed sizes or percentages of screen size.

Background images can have a few properties

They can be tilled – meaning they are placed like tiles in your bathroom or kitchen and the design needs to work were they meet.

They can be tiled horizontally – so they will just go along the top – example would be a line

They can be tiled vertically

They can be fixed which means they do not tile and only one instance of your background image will be seen

Things to consider :

Computer screens / monitors come in many sizes large designs might look great on a big screen but be completely wasted on smaller ones.

Large background images slow down the initial page load.

an example of a background image


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